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Fall Hair Color | Get Rich Without Damage

Fall is upon us!

That means boots, sweaters, plaid, and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.

It also means you're probably itching for a change in color yourself! Something about the cooler weather and the thought of holidays just makes us crave depth and rich tones for our hair.

But...if you're blonde or have blonde highlights, you probably spent spring and summer perfecting the color, and will want to go back when winter is over. Going back and forth like that, especially for blondes is NOT nice on your hair!

The solution?

Add in some deeper shades in the form of extensions! There are so many colors from which to choose - buttery for those with very blonde hair to deep caramels for those who are medium blonde.

But blondes aren't the only ones having the fun! Redheads can add a bit of a more violet tone, and light brunettes can add a deep cherry chocolate to keep it interesting.

The extensions will last up to 6 months - right in time to lighten it up again for spring!

Bonus - not only do you get a much more interesting color, you'll get volume as well!

So get rich today with no damage! :)

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