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5 Tips For Winter Hair Extension Care

Winter Is Coming!

With cold weather comes hot cocoa, crackling fires, and… staticky, dry hair. Extensions are no different than your natural hair - they need a little extra love and care this season to stay healthy and shiny! Here are 5 easy tips to take care of your hair extensions this winter!

Amp Up The Moisture

There’s a reason this is #1 on this list. If you are going to do only ONE thing I tell you, do this one! Colder weather does the same thing to your hair and your extensions as it does to your skin: sucks it dry! You need to add that moisture back in, and the best way to do that is with an ultra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I LOVE the OI line by Davines just for this purpose! When combined with the OI Milk and the OI Oil, your hair will feel like spun silk even in the winter!

Add Even MORE Moisture

Are you sensing a theme? Those grey winter days are just begging for an at-home spa day, and what better time to give your hair some relaxing rejuvenation as well? Use a weekly treatment on your hair and extensions to keep all the breakage away. I love Olaplex because in addition to preventing damage, it actually REPAIRS it. No joke. Science even proves it.

Protect Your Hair From The Heat

Wait, it’s winter. What heat? You know how great your hair looks all natural and air-dried in the tropics of summer? I’m betting not so much in the winter. So you’ll be using that blow dryer and heat styling utensils a LOT more. You need protection. Grab your favorite heat protectant (mine is the aforementioned OI Milk and Oil) and be sure to use it EVERY time you blow dry and style!

Wear Kid Gloves

Not really. But treat your hair as if you were. Don’t go brushing like crazy - your hair will be much more prone to breakage when it’s dry. Start at the bottom and gently brush out any tangles, then work your way up. Also don’t even think about leaving that house with wet hair! You can put a little of the OI Oil on your hair dry to tame frizzes and static.

Dress It Up

Hats are great in winter not only because they can make an outfit, but they also protect your hair from the elements. They’ll keep your head at a good temperature, which helps your hair keep its oils intact. They’re also a great option so that you don’t over-wash your hair in the winter! Washing too much will strip those natural oils that make your hair healthy and shiny!

So go get your boots, cords, chunky sweaters and ultra-moisturizing hair products! And on those days you don’t want to do ANYTHING with your hair? Extensions make the cutest top knots! That just so happen to look amazing with big scarves!

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