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5 Super Easy Halloween Hairstyles

The 5 Easiest Halloween Hairstyles That Are Really, Actually Cute!

You open FB and there it is. A last-minute invite to THE greatest Halloween party EVER! Or, maybe you’ve just completely been procrastinating your costume like the rest of us.

Either way, you’re in a bind and I’m here to help! Here are 5 super easy, super cute hairstyles for Halloween that can almost be costumes all on their own!

Princess Leia

These are the most famous buns this side of Beyoncé, and WAY easier to get! You gotta love the hair stylist in this tutorial from Vogue! ;)

Rockabilly Girl (Rosie the Riveter)

This one is a style you might just love so much, you’ll use it after Halloween on those days when washing your hair is just not an option! Who doesn’t love a vintage pin-up girl look?!?


How fun is it when “the messier, the better” applies to your hair?? Start messy braiding away for this slithery style.


Ohhhh Major Nelson?!?!? Long before Christina’s Genie in a Bottle, there was Barbara Eden and her iconic style. To get this look, it’s ALMOST as easy as folding those arms and just blinking it into existence!


Some are wearing the unicorn look for their daily lives, but if you can’t bring yourself to go that far, Halloween is the PERFECT time to play with this ethereal look! Show the world you’re one of a kind!!

So go forth and create a FUN you this Halloween with one of these easy Halloween hairstyles!!!

Let us know how they look in the comments!

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