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Top 5 First Lady Hairstyles

I know almost everyone out there is pretty sick of hearing about the election. So let's shake it up and have some fun! Hairstyles have changed dramatically over the years, but there are some styles that continue to inspire us. Here you'll find my top 5 picks for First Lady hairstyles!

5. Mamie Eisenhower

Can we name her the first hipster? Looking past the Princess Leia style buns, you'll find bangs that started a national trend in the 50's and keeps coming back around and around again. Back then they were called 'Mamie bangs', now they've transitioned to 'micro bangs'. Mamie owns them!

4. Rosalynn Carter

A little bit Charlie's Angels and a little bit Dorothy Hamill, Rosalynn embraced her healthy thick locks and rocked the feathered look of the 70's, while still keeping it proper enough for the White House.

3. Harriet Lane

Interesting tidbit - Harriet Lane acted as First Lady for her uncle, James Buchanan, since he was a lifelong bachelor! Her braiding style has been a trend of free spirits and festival goers ever since.

2. Jackie Kennedy

Jackie O's iconic style is VERY hard to beat. She nailed that easy flip and inspired women everywhere with her style and glamour. Even today, if you stepped out in one of her chic and simple looks, heads would turn. Not in a "she's dressed up for Halloween" way, but more like "damn she's got style" way!

1. Michelle Obama

Michelle had to take my top spot not only because she's used extensions for some of her styles, but because she has stepped out of the 'First Lady' hair mold. Many times. She's not afraid to experiment with her style and change it often. From slick and classy, to fun and a little bit edgy, every look is on point.

Thanks ladies for the inspiration!

Let us know your favorite First Lady look below!

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