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Hair Extensions 101 | Getting Great Hair With GL Apps

What are GL Apps?

GL (Great Lengths) Apps are dubbed the first "smart" extensions.

They are applied safely and directly to your hair – without any form of external unit. Quickly, simply and invisibly! They are 100% real hair, in a tape form that can be quickly applied, removed and reapplied up to 3 times. One application typically lasts about 6 weeks!

They are a great alternative to the bonded extensions for anyone who wants more volume, length or a change of texture, and wants it done fast!

How do I care for GL Apps?

Since the GL Apps use the same super-high quality hair as the bonded extensions, hair care remains very easy!

Just wash with a high quality shampoo and conditioner, protect well from heat, and dry & style as usual, making sure to keep heat away from the tape!

What types of hair are good for GL Apps?

All types! Especially fine and thin hair that might be too fragile for traditional bonded extensions. GL Apps are also great for adding highlights, lowlights or super-fun colors without damaging your hair!

GL Transformation

Here's a great example of how a little goes a long way!

This client has very fine, thin hair that would never grow very long. It is also pretty lifeless and just won't hold a curl. With the GL Apps, I was able to quickly give her a little bit of length, a fair amount of volume, and the ability to get those sought-after beach waves! If she just curls the extension hair, it's enough to give her that carefree style she's been coveting!

So if you're wanting to experiment with extensions before taking the plunge with a full head of bonded extensions, or if you have very thin, fine hair not suitable for larger bonds, then the GL Apps just might be the answer for you!

Call or email now to set up a FREE consultation!

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