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5 Best All-Day Holiday Hairstyles

If your family is like most families, the holidays get a LITTLE hectic! With all of the cooking, cleaning, eating, football, eating…did I mention eating?

You need a hairstyle that is quick, easy and will last you throughout the day, even if that means multiple houses!

I’ve selected 5 super-easy, extension-friendly styles that will last as long as you do this holiday season!

The Top Knot

I love that we live in a world nowadays where it’s acceptable to wear a messy bun virtually anywhere! If you’ve been wondering how exactly to achieve the right balance of chic and messy, I’ve got you covered! Watch this tutorial and become a pro!

The Big Side Rope Braid

A perfect alternative to the traditional side braid is this enchanting big rope braid. It’s really not as hard as it looks, as you’ll see in this tutorial!

Beach Waves

Beachy waves are a great, casual style if you’d like to wear your hair down. Here’s a time and hair saving how-to video to get them WITHOUT HEAT! Just wake up and go!

The Twisted Half Up

This style works very well for day-old hair, and can be casual or fancy! The twisting gives this hairstyle a bit of character. Find out the secret here!

Perfect High Pony

You see women walking around looking so stylish with their cute high ponytails and you wonder why you just look like you came from the gym? Here is a step-by-step tutorial how you too can get a glam pony!

Happy effortlessly stylish holidays!!

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