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The Ultimate Gift Guide | Gorgeous Hair

Everyone wants gorgeous hair, right?

Right! Each hair type needs a little something different to get there. Extensions always help, but the right products can make a world of difference whether you have straight hair that needs texture, fine hair that needs volume, or the man in your life is as obsessed with his hair as you are with yours! This ultimate gift guide to gorgeous hair will have something for everyone on your list - even the one who doesn't care about their hair! (Whaaaat? They exist??)

I'm obsessed with Davines products. They are so high quality, kind to the earth and animals, and they have THE prettiest packaging - it's like decor for your bathroom!

So look through and contact me for any of these gifts for your loved ones!

For Texture

Look no further than This Is A Dry Texturizer! Its medium hold gives your hair an instant full-bodied and tousled look while not weighing it down. It's extra moisturizing so it doesn't dry your hair out while giving it super awesome texture! For a controlled look with a natural finish, try the This Is A Medium Hold Pliable Paste. It's perfect for frizzy hair that needs to be controlled with a bit of texture. And one of my very favorites - This Is An Invisible Serum!! It gives you that messy, tousled look while giving a satiny, non-frizzy finish!

For Volume

This Is A Sea Salt Spray is not JUST for long, beachy waves. If you're looking for more volume at your roots, just spritz some on the base of your wet hair, dry as usual and behold - amazing volume! If you want long lasting, buoyant texture, then grab some This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse! It's perfect for creating shapes with body and volume. And bonus - it leaves your hair glossy and detangled too!

For Shine

Soft, shiny hair is glorious! For extraordinary shine, try This Is A Shimmering Mist. No, you won't have a head full of glitter, but you will have tons of shine!! Don't be scared though, it gives its shine, anti-frizz, and anti-static effects without being oily! Use it with This Is A Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid for an extra sleek look.

For Him

We can't ignore the men in our lives, nor their hair! These products aren't for men only, but they work wonderfully on shorter hair styles that need a defined texture. There is a paste for every style! This Is A Strong Moulding Clay for a matte, messy look. This Is A Strong Dry Wax for creative and extreme looks. And This Is A Medium Hold Finishing Gum for a lighter, defined but re-workable look with a matte finish.

For The Best Smell Ever

If you're not sure what your giftee's hair needs are, give them the gift of the best smell ever! Seriously, the smell of the OI line was so popular, they made bath and body products with the scent. The super moisturizing OI Hand Balm and OI Body wash with Roucou Oil leave you with the subtle vanilla/powdery/just divine and fresh scent!

You definitely can't go wrong with any of these gifts for gorgeous hair! Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!!

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