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Hair Extension Care | Getting Active With Extensions


Yes, extensions are perfect for that glamorous bombshell look! But did you know that you can do ANYTHING you normally do with them? From workouts to hikes, surfing to scuba, Great Lengths extensions are incredible durable!

So throw on that winter hat and take to the slopes, or hop on that jet ski on your beach getaway! Your extensions are with you every step (or swoosh or vroom or whatever) of the way!

Active Extension Tips

During winter activities, rock a side braid (or braids) with a beanie to look super cute while protecting your hair and the bonds from harsh elements!

A topknot is perfect for the beach, keeping you cool and your hair secure. And once you take it down - instant beach waves!

Rinse the saltwater out of your hair right when you get back from the beach to keep your hair from drying out!

Use an oil treatment like THIS ONE to keep your hair protected from the elements, beach or mountain!

Even your extensions need to be trimmed! Since they are human hair, they need a good clean-up about once every 6 weeks!

So GO! Have fun! Live YOUR life - just with AMAZING hair!!

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