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Holiday Hair Accessories | Getting it Right

Every girl loves a tiara.

And of course, it’s impossible not to feel fancy while wearing one! But…not EVERY occasion is a tiara-worthy event. So what to do when you want a little extra bling in your hair but don’t want to go overboard or look cheezy? Just add a fun holiday accessory to your hair - a “hair ornament”, if you will! Why should the trees get to have the most fun??? 😉 So without further ado, here are my picks for the best holiday accessories for your hair this season!

Doing The Polka

The holidays are super-hectic, so sometimes the only thing we can do is muster a cute messy chignon. But you want it to be sparkly, you say? Well, just grab some cute gold polka dot sprigs and pin them in for a little extra sparkle and shine!

Seeing Stars

Star Hair Accessories

*image via Pinterest

Get celestial and BE the tree topper at your soirée! Use little individual stars that grip your hair to add some subtle fun to beach waves, a braid, or sleek straight looks!

Get Vintage

*image via Pinterest

Head on over to your favorite thrift store and pick up a vintage sparkly pin and turn it into a beautiful hair accessory! I love this tutorial!

Keep It Natural

*image via

If you're the type of gal who just wants to be one with nature, here's your chance! Make a head wreath with some natural garland, add berries and you are set! If you don't want to commit to an entire wreath, just pin a little here and there for a more subtle effect.

Get Funky

*image via Pinterest

Want something fun and fresh but not totally over the top? Try putting a. bit of glitter in your roots! This will let you sparkle, just like the firework you are! Here's how to get the look!

And Then You Could Do This...

*image via Pinterest

You would DEFINITELY be the talk of the party! Tip: don't pair with an ugly sweater. Now that would just be too much! ;)

Happy Holidays!!!

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