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2017 New Year's Hair Resolutions | Making Your Hair Great Again

As we walk into the new year, we reflect on all the things we did right and wrong in the previous year, and vow to change and simply do better this next year. Your hair needs this same love!! It’s easy to get lazy, complacent and just downright boring with your hair throughout the year. I’ve put together an easy list for you to follow to have YOUR BEST HAIR YEAR EVER!

Let’s get started and crush 2017!

1. Try Extensions

I say try because you don’t have to go all-in right away!! A great way to up your volume is to get extensions just on the sides. You’d be surprised at what a difference it makes!!

2. Add Color With Extensions

A safe way to play around with color is by adding extensions in to highlight, lowlight or add a pop of a fun, crazy color! You don’t hurt your hair by using color, and you can change your color with the seasons or on a whim! Even one or two strands of a super fun color will make your look feel fresh!

3. Change Out / Revamp Old Products

Sometimes your hair just needs a change! If your look is feeling a bit more lifeless or dull than usual, try switching up your products! Our hair gets bored too! Also, the new year is the perfect time to clean out all the old products you have laying around!

4. Have Fun With Hair Accessories

There is such a variety of hair accessories out there, and they aren’t JUST for special occasions! From natural materials to shiny metals, there’s an accessory for every hair style and outfit!

5. Go With Your Gut / Ditch Age Stereotypes

Are you 60 and love braids? Rock them!! It’s all about looking at what YOU like and what makes you feel great! New moms don’t have to have short hair! Neither do seniors! And if you’re 20 with long gorgeous natural locks and you want to chop it all off into an edgy do? DO IT!

6. Treat Your Hair At Least Once A Month

Your hair needs to feel special sometimes too! Once a month grab a deep conditioning or revitalizing treatment and make it an at-home spa day for your hair!

7. Go On A Diet For Your Hair

No, not talking about cutting calories! Be sure to add foods rich in vitamins and essential minerals that help your hair from the inside out like leafy greens, legumes, salmon, and oysters!

8. Be Kind To Wet Hair

Wet hair is much more susceptible to breakage and damage than dry hair, so be gentle with it! That means: forego rubbing it with your towel and be super-gentle while brushing wet!

9. Try A Pinterest Hair Tutorial

There are SO many fun hair styles to try on Pinterest, and you need to stop being scared and go for it!! Try one you never thought you could master - you will be surprised!!

10. Love YOUR Hair

This is the year to fall in love with the hair you were born with! Embrace your curls! Be thankful for the shiny straight mane! And if you just can’t get on board with that philosophy - get extensions and rock them!!

Happy New Year to you AND your hair!!

Enjoy 2017!!!

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