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5 Perfect Beach Hairstyles | Easy And Awesome

Looking for the perfect hairstyle for your beach vacay?

You’re in the right place! Inspired by my family vacation to the beach, I’ve put together 5 of my favorite EASY beach styles for you. All of these hairstyles can be done before you go to last all day, and are also perfect for creating and looking super cute when you’re fresh out of the water!

A lot of these styles pay special attention to the top and front of the hair - many people, especially ones with extensions, have hair on top that’s not quite as cooperative, especially in the saltwater and wind! These styles promise to take care of that in style.

So here you go! My go-to easy beach hairstyles!

Half Up Top Knot

Image via pinterest

Yes, you’re seeing this everywhere, and even if you don’t LOVE it for a street style, it really is perfect for the beach. It sure takes care of that hair on top that may be less curly, frizzier, or just plain weird. If you do have extensions, just loosen the hair around the scalp to hide the bonds. See how to get this look here!

Twisted Side Braid

Image via pinterest

A plain side braid is great for the beach, but why not add a little more flair and tame those top frizzies? This style is super easy and ridiculously cute! Get schooled in this style here! Or here!

Front Side French Braid

Image via pinterest

Want to show off those natural beach waves but still have a little style? Look no further than the front side French braid! This one is great in and out of the water, and just looks cooler as the day goes on. Here’s how to get this look!

French Braid Top Knot

Image via pinterest

A twist on all of our favorite hot weather (and lazy day) hairstyles. This one MAY take a tiny bit of practice at home before mastering it for the beach - but once you’ve done it a couple of times, it will be your go to! Start practicing here!

Beachy Headband

Images via pinterest

The headband is the favorite for dirty hair days around here, and it’s also perfect for the beach! With an endless amount of ways to wear one, just pick your fave and have instant, fabulous beach hair! Headbands and headscarves also add great color to your beach pics! *tip* Most tropical locales sell cool, locally made headbands and scarves - accessory and souvenir all in one! Learn a ton of ways to tie a headscarf here!


Image via pinterest

Aren’t going to the beach but want those perfectly imperfect messy beach waves? Here’s an awesome tutorial on how to do it with braids and a flat iron in an instant!!

You’re welcome. 😃

Let me know your favorite beach hairstyle in the comments!

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