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Great Lengths Extension Transformation | Maureen

Maureen is an extension virgin!

Well, WAS! She'd been thinking about getting hair extensions for a while, but it took some recent life events to push her over the edge to take the plunge. Now she's wondering why she waited so long!

Her natural hair isn't short, nor sparse, but the texture is fine so she just never had the 'oomph' she wanted when it would get longer. She likes her hair to be a chocolate cherry color, and we really had fun picking the colors to match.

How'd we do? I think we nailed it! She looks fabulous!!

Maureen is not the woman you instantly think of getting hair extensions. She's a bit of a tomboy who can fix anything herself and a hardworking scientist in a mostly male industry. (She's a wicked smart geologist in the oil and gas industry)

But that doesn't mean girls like her don't want super sexy hair!

Come on people, this is 2017...we women CAN have it all!

Here are the amazing photos of Maureen's Great Lengths extension transformation!




#Extensions #HairColor #beforeandafter #extensions

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