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2017 Hair Trend | Blorange

You may have heard this strange word buzzing around, or perhaps you've spied the #blorange on Insta! No, it's not some sort of word mashup for blood orange! It's the hottest color trend for 2017! Yes, Balayage is still going strong, but some people are wanting a little something more unique and fun. Think sunset on a beach, your favorite tropical drink, or a peach champagne fizz! Clearly this color makes me thirsty! ;)

A close cousin to last season's Rose Gold trend, Blorange is light and fresh, mixing blonde, peach and pink to get that perfect sorbet shade just in time for spring.

The problem? It fades fast! Most looks last only up to 20 shampoos, so depending how much you're washing your hair, that's not long!

Another great way to get the look that will last through spring? Add in these two beautiful soft shades of peach and pink throughout your blonde hair and Voila! Blorange for days! Well, months, actually!

May Jagger was the one to start it all, creating a sensation for the hair color AND the hashtag #blorange on her Instagram page.

Many were to follow, but here are some of my favorites to inspire you!

Call today for a consultation for how you can get this look through extensions!

#blorange Gallery

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