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How To Get The Perfect Ponytail

There are just those days.

We. Just. Can’t. Even. With. Our. Hair.

The perfect solution? An adorable boho ponytail!

I get lazy too, but in my profession, it’s imperative that even on my lazy hair days, I still look put together. Enter the Boho Ponytail. People are always asking me how I get my ponies to look the way they do, so I’m going to let you all in on all my secrets!

Here’s your step-by-step guide to getting the perfect ponytail!

Pick a part for your hair. It doesn’t have to be perfectly centered. In fact, just barely off center is great!

Take the hair around your face and sweep it down around where your ears are. Don’t pull it too tightly, then join it with the rest of your hair just above the nape of your neck.

Pull your ponytail up about 2 inches from the nape, and brush the hair from your nape tighter to keep from looking sloppy, all else stays loosely in the ponytail...

Wrap your ponytail with an elastic at the occipital bone or level to the top of the ear.

Tighten it a bit upward so it “ponies” and gives that fuller look.

Use your comb to tease your ponytail to give it a ton of volume.

Take a section of hair from the underneath side of the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic and tuck it in to give it a fun,, finished look

Pull some pieces out around face or loosen where needed.

Spray the ponytail with dry texturizing spray like Davines "this is a dry texturizer” to give it even more character.

TIP! Want even MORE volume? Sprinkle in volumizing powder in the ponytail hair! Massage it in for WOW volume!

So there you have it! That’s the way to get a perfect pony, every time! 😃

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